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More creative projects underway as part of the Culture Vannin #treisht2020 scheme

Fri, 17 Jul 2020

Take Heart by Beth Louella Aulton from the first round of treisht projects
Take Heart by Beth Louella Aulton from the first round of treisht projects

The first round of #treisht2020 projects launched by Culture Vannin was so successful that it has been repeated. The scheme re-purposes grant and development money from cancelled events and projects, offering creative projects primarily to freelancers who need the work, with the option for original ideas to be proposed.

Many of the first round of projects have already been shared online, with others being edited and uploaded for imminent release.

The second round of projects covers music tutorials and backing tracks, short film and GIFs, radio scripts and visual arts, all relating to Manx culture.

Vicky Webb will be working on Manx language GIFs which will be used freely online, especially in social media. David Rowles will prepare backing tracks for the Steady as She Goes session sets which are available online as a teaching resource for all ages.

Ged Power suggested an original project to make oral history recordings relating to two areas he is particularly close to, sport and the police. Author of popular book, M is for Manx Cat, Gemma Hjerth, will produce a film which will be made available online and which will assist with pronunciations in Manx featured in the book.

Heritage education specialist, Cori Philips will write three short, lively radio scripts based on Manx historical themes, with a target age of 8-10 year olds, and visual artists Beth Louella Aulton and Eve Adams will focus on BAME portraits and Manx illustrations for educational resources respectively.

As part of Culture Vannin’s commitment to an inter-Gaelic project Colmcille 1500 celebrating the life of St Columba, Aalin Clague will write a choral work suitable for community choir, in Manx and other Gaelic languages.

Finally, Rebecca Hurst, Mera Royle, Isla Callister and Laura Rowles will all produce video tutorials for traditional instruments, whistle, harp and fiddle which will be featured on www.manxmusic.com as a resource with international reach.

Director of Culture Vannin, Dr Breesha Maddrell, commented: “When we think of the 'treisht' projects, we look to the Manx word’s meaning ‘trust, hope and confidence’, something that is important to bring both to our creative community and to the wider population. We are grateful not only to those who applied to create something vibrant and new for Manx culture, but also to those festival and event organisers who were able to release grants previously awarded. What is exciting is that the #treisht2020 scheme has encouraged us to explore new ideas, invest in our cultural community and work with new people as well as familiar faces.”

The results of the second round of #treisht2020 projects will appear online in coming months on this website and on our social media.