Manx Dancing with Skeddan Jiarg

Tue, 21 Nov 2017

Culture Vannin is very pleased to release a short film celebrating traditional Manx dancing as it is practiced today: Manx Dancing with Skeddan Jiarg.

We believe that Manx dancing is one of the most exciting and distinctive forms of traditional culture in the Isle of Man. It is thriving today thanks to many dance groups, such as Skeddan Jiarg. It was whilst the group was at the Lowender Peran Festival in Cornwall that we took the opportunity to film the group to find out more about what Manx dancing is, why they do it, and why it continues to be such a vibrant part of Manx culture today.

The full video (in English and Manx language versions) is available here:

Manx Dancing with Skeddan Jiarg

Also available is a Manx language conversation with some of the children in Skeddan Jiarg: Cowag marish ny paitçhyn ayns y Chorn.
A performance of Cutting the Turf filmed during a rehearsal in a carpark in Cornwall is also available: Cutting the Turf in a Car Park.