Hop-tu-naa: A Manx tradition today

Thu, 30 Nov 2017

Hop-tu-naa is the oldest continuously-existing tradition in the Isle of Man and today it forms a key part of the Winter traditions for Manx people each year, but a key part of the hop-tu-naa practice has never properly been documented on film before.

Although the custom remains strong of people going around the community with carved turnip lanterns and singing one of the traditional hop-tu-naa songs on people's doorsteps on the 31st of October, this has not been properly documented on film before. We thought that we would address this by making a short film to show something of the hop-tu-naa tradition as it is practiced and fits into the lives of many people on the Isle of Man today.

We were very kindly welcomed to join one group going around Port St. Mary and Hayley O'Meara explained to us her own connection to the traditions which she has taken from her youth and is passing onto the next generation.

Culture Vannin is very pleased to be able to offer this film in both an English and a Manx language version:

Hop-tu-naa: A Manx tradition today