A five-year plan for the Manx language

Fri, 19 Jan 2018

An important document was published in December 2017 setting out a five-year plan for Manx, culminating in a celebratory ‘Year of the Manx Language’ in 2021.

Extensive discussion of The Manx Language Strategy (Strateysh son y Ghaelg) was given on Manx Radio recently thanks to a 15-minute-long conversation about the strategy by Adrian Cain and Bob Carswell on Shiaght Laa in January 2018.

As well as the varied stakeholders behind the strategy and the aims it hopes to achieve, the discussion goes through each of the four key themes of the strategy, including: (1) Appropriate & accessible resources, (2) Manx as an important part of national & cultural identity, (3) Manx for the Manx speaking community, and (4) Lifelong learning of Manx from early to later years.

The full interview is available on the Culture Vannin website thanks to the generosity of Manx Radio.