BBC Folk Award Winners

Thu, 05 Apr 2018

We are delighted about the awards for three Manx musicians at the BBC Folk Awards last night.

The success of Mera Royle, and Tom Callister & Adam Rhodes (as a part of the band, Ímar) at the ceremony in Belfast was announced live on BBC Radio 2, confirming their places amongst the world's finest trad musicians. We couldn't be more delighted for them.

Mera Royle was announced as the BBC Young Folk Musician of the Year towards the end of the ceremony, making special mention of her being a Manx musician. Earlier on in the ceremony Ímar received the Horizon Award (for the best new group), "for innovating, and pushing the boundaries of modern folk music."

The recognition that these prizes give to the work of these wonderful Manx musicians is thoroughly deserved and the Isle of Man can be very proud of them.

These awards might also act as a good marker of the wonderful state of the musical life and community on the Isle of Man today. Great musicians can only fully develop in an environment which is fit to nurture their talent. There are so many individuals, organisations and institutions which go to create this on the Isle of Man, and we hope that they are all feeling very proud today.

If you want to find out more about the BBC Folk Award winning Manx musicians, the following links might be of help:

Mera Royle:
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'Arrane Ghelby' performed at Culture Vannin: Arrane Ghelby
Interview with Mera Royle and Owen Williams: Manx Music & Culture Today

Website: Ímar
Facebook: Ímar
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More about Manx music can be found here: Manx Music.
We are very pleased to have been a part of the large number of individuals, groups and institutions who have helped these Manx musicians achieve their potential over the past few years, through grants, subsidised music lessons, music groups and support for travel. More about the work of Culture Vannin can be found here.