Bree Weekend pictures

Thu, 01 Nov 2018

The annual Bree Workshop Weekend was held over the Autumn half term, giving a group of young people the chance to have fun and get creative through Manx music, dance, song and theatre.

This year's theme was Manx folk traditions, taking its inspiration from the series of stamps designed by Jay Cover and release by the Isle of Man Post Office at the start of October. The series of six stamps touching on Hunt the Wren, Mheillea, Hop tu Naa, the Quaaltagh, Yn Unnysup and Old Christmas Eve were all reflected in some way in the weekend, whether through newly-composed songs, traditional dances, folk music or even a newly-devised play based on the folktale, Tehi Tegi.

The weekend was documented through a series of lovely photographs by Anita Corkish and Jiri Podobsky and it is thanks to them that we are able to share something of the weekend with you here:

Bree Weekend 2018: Photos

Film footage of the weekend was also captured and we look forward to editing together and releasing the films soon.

More information about Bree can be found here: Bree.