Sollys: Album of Manx Gaelic song released online

Wed, 16 Oct 2019

Culture Vannin have re-released an essential album of Manx Gaelic song for online download.

Sollys - which means 'light' - gathers together 30 songs in Manx Gaelic. Mainly unaccompanied, they show the wide range of material being sung in the Manx language - old words to new tunes, new words to new tunes, and traditional material from the manuscript collections.

Dr Chloë Woolley, Manx Music Development Officer for Culture Vannin said:

“As well as being an enjoyable album to listen to which has captured many of our best Gaelic singers, Sollys is also a handy resource for those wishing to learn the old Manx songs and for scholars interested in the Gaelic language."

Featuring fourteen well-known singers: Bob Carswell, Aalin Clague, Bill Corlett, Cairistiona Dougherty, David Fisher, Jonee Fisher, Hillary Gale, Phil Gawne, Sarah Hewson, Greg Joughin, Ruth Keggin, Clare Kilgallon, Annie Kissack and Julie Matthews, the album has a selection of solos, duets and trios, plus a choral piece from Gaelic choir, Caarjyn Cooidjagh.

Originally released as a CD in 2012, the album contains well-loved Manx songs such as Ushag Veg Ruy, Arrane ny Niee and Graih Foalsey, but also some lesser known songs, including Va Billey Beg Gaase, Vuddee Veg and the Bulgham Sea Song.

More information and sleeve-notes to Sollys:

More information about the avilability of the CD can be found here: Sollys CD

The whole album can be downloaded here:

Sollys on BandCamp