Reih Bleeaney Vanannan -

Manannan's Choice of the Year

The RBV is an annual award made by Culture Vannin to the person or group who, in the opinion of the panel of assessors, has made the most outstanding contribution to Manx culture. Previous awards have been made for outstanding contributions in the areas of the visual arts, archaeological and historical research, the environment, music and Manx language and literature.

Inspired by Manxman Mr Stephen Quayle of Kidderminster, it is the natural successor to the Manannan Trophy. The new trophy was awarded for the first time in 1987 and was designed by the late Eric Austwick. It consists of the figure of the sea-god Manannan, resting on a plinth, and also contains traces of quartz from South Barrule, one of Manannan's fortresses, and a brooch of Laxey silver presented by Mona Douglas. The trophy is only held for a year, though the recipient also receives a medal designed by Jenny Kissack and executed in silver and enamel by Celtic Gold, Peel.

The panel of assessors is appointed by Culture Vannin and represents Manx cultural organisations: Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh, Yn Chruinnaght, the Isle of Man Arts Council, Culture Vannin and Manx National Heritage. Recipients are entitled to use the letters RBV after their name. They are also invited to name a Manx cultural cause which receives a donation from Culture Vannin to further its work.

Nominations are invited from the public in November of each year.