Myrescough Abbylands Surveys

Work began Easter 2002 on the Lezayre Archaeological and Geomorphological Project (funded by Manx Heritage Foundation). Researchers from a range of disciplines are studying lowland and upland areas in Lezayre, an area of the Island that holds a wealth of interesting material, starting with the period immediately following the Ice Age.

Dr Richard Chiverrell, a geographer from the University of Liverpool, has traced the organic peat and lake mud deposits in the Lezayre Curragh. He found several ancient river channels and also took samples of the peat. Laboratory work continues. Eleven samples of bog oak – also known in Manx as darraghs - were taken from the Sulby area and Ramsey Grammar School playing fields.

The area was once owned and farmed by the monks from Rushen Abbey and the project will be looking at the way the landscape was shaped in medieval times.