Manx Music Database

The Foundation has appointed a Manx Music Resource Coordinator, Cinzia Curtis, to undertake a complete indexing of all known sources of Manx music and arrangements. The Manx Music Database is the product of a groundbreaking large-scale project to identify all known and accessible sources of Manx music. It has been developed to not only make the music of the Isle of Man more accessible to musicians, performers, teachers and researchers alike, but to illustrate the diversity of Manx music and includes everything from Carvals to Oratorios, and Music Hall songs to traditional dance music. All sources have been referenced including manuscripts, printed sources, lyrics, private collections, public library catalogues, compositions, arrangements and ancient songs.

The database has been designed with the user in mind and so offers a number of search opportunities. The information is split into Music Sources, Bibliography, Discography and Dance. The database will come on line in January 2006.