Violin for Caitlyn Fairbairn

Caitlyn is pictured (centre) whilst busking with Bree

Caitlyn Fairbairn is a talented fiddle player, singer, dancer and Manx speaker who dedicated a large part of her time to performing, teaching and support Manx culture. Her violin was on loan to her from the Friends of the Manx Youth Orchestra and when she was accepted for the Bachelor of Music course at Huddersfield University the real need for her own instrument became apparent. Culture Vannin provided her with a grant so that she could purchase her own violin to further her studies.

Before she went away to study, Caitlyn was a member of Ny Fennee dance group, performing both as a musician and a dancer. She studied both Music and Manx Gaelic at A-level, along with other subjects. While studying at Ramsey Grammar School she led the folk group, teaching younger students how to play Manx music and assisting with Manx pronunciation during classes and for ensembles. She was also a member of the Manx Youth Orchestra and Manx Youth Choir. Culture Vannin were pleased to help this committed young cultural ambassador.

Caitlyn says: "I began learning the violin when i was 8 years old. I learnt to read music while learning the recorder. Throughout secondary school music was my distraction and my path to making friends. I joined everything I could get involved in. I used to have a crazy schedule of rehearsals, with something pretty much every day. It was knackering, but so worth it, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Music is a wonderful way to develop many skills that can be useful in any area of expertise. It helped me to develop my mathematical ability, listening skills, memory, concentration, and teamwork as well as giving me goals to work for and a sense of responsibility to practice and attend rehearsals. I took the knowledge I had learned from playing the violin and put it towards a GCSE and A level in Music, before going on to University to study Music."