Arrane son Mannin 2011

The annual Arrane son Mannin ('Song for Mann') competition, sponsored by Culture Vannin, was held at the Masonic Hall, Peel, as part of the Cooish Inter-Gaelic Festival 2010. The competition is held in order to select an original song in Manx Gaelic to represent the Island at the Pan-Celtic Festival in Ireland.

Written and performed by Dave McLean's group, 'Ny Jinnyn', the winning song told the tale of one of the writer's family from a night remembered only too well in the Isle of Man - the night that Summerland burned down. 'Sy Ghrianane' tells the story of one family's anguish which turned to joy when they learned that their daughter Vicky, thought to be in Summerland, had not actually gone there with her friends and so had a particularly lucky escape. The song was written by Vicky's brother, Dave, in collaboration with fellow band members, Laura & Dave Rowles. It was translated into Manx by Bob Carswell, and sung by Dave's daughter, Alanna.

The members of Ny Jinnyn took their song to the 40th Pan-Celtic Festival, which was held in Dingle Town, County Kerry during Easter 2011.