taking our culture forward

Recordings from 1995 of Yn Chruinnaght, a festival celebrating the music, dance & culture of the Celtic Nations.

Recorded by John Dowling, and featuring the following performers:

  • Perree Bane, Ny Fennee, Bock Yuan Fennee, Bwoaie Doal, Cair Vie Pipe Band & the Tholtan Builders (Isle of Man)
  • Cam Kernewek (Cornwall)
  • Lleisiau’r Frogwy & Dawnswyr Môn (Wales)
  • The Strathspey Fiddlers (Scotland)
  • Kerlenn Pondi (Brittany)
  • McTeggart School of Irish Dancing (Ireland)
  • Yn Sleih Shen Reesht (England)

This recording is released with thanks to John Dowling and Yn Chruinnaght.

Bwoaie Doal (complete recording)

Ny Fennee (complete recording)

Perree Bane (complete recording)

Survivor's Ceili (complete recording)

Full highlights (7 minutes)