Erika Kelly - new harp

Erika Kelly is a talented young harpist and singer whose musical career began through Manx traditional music: "I got into playing the harp through joining a primary school folk group called 'Share ny Veg'. I spotted a harp in the corner of the gym hall, asked to take it home and voila, I was hooked!"

Erika continued to play the harp through primary and secondary school, joining Mike Boulton's well-known group Bee er dty Hwooaie while studying at Ramsey Grammar School.

After building up a significant YouTube following with her creative pop song covers using her small Celtic harp, Erika applied to Culture Vannin for a grant to purchase a Lyon and Healy electric harp. Erika chose the harp based on its beautiful quality of sound, its lightness in weight which makes it more easily transportable in comparison to her small Welsh Pilgrim harp, and its unusual black finish which compliments her contemporary image.

Since purchasing the harp, Erika has performed as a duo with Malcolm Stitt at Manx festivals including Shennaghys Jiu, The Garden Party, Yn Chruinnaght and Mannifest. As a soloist, Erika also provides music for conferences, art exhibitions, weddings and parties.

Erika has also used her harp to produce a single complete with video, which is due for release early 2014.