Yn Chruinnaght Festival 2011

Culture Vannin awarded funding to Yn Chruinnaght Inter-Celtic Festival for its annual celebration of Manx culture and the Island's relationship with the other five Celtic countries. The festival involved performers of all ages and attracted good audiences in venues across the Island.

The exciting line-up included Irish-Breton supergroup Guidewires; Scottish Gaelic songstress Maeve MacKinnon; Cornish dance group Kemysk; Welsh crwth player Cass Meurig; Breton duo Thomas Moisson and Lors Landat and lastly, but certainly not least, renowned Scottish band Capercaillie who performed at the Villa Marina in Douglas.

Special guest groups who joined the programme alongside talented Manx musicians, singers and dancers included young Irish group Mo Chara and Appalachian dance group Shoostring.