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Friends and Heroes (NB not a Culture Vannin product)


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Friends and Heroes (Caarjyn as Fenee) is an award-winning animated adventure story set in AD69. Follow Macky and his friends as they fight for justice against the Roman Empire and share the stories of their heroes from the Bible to give them strength and wisdom.

When the stories were first produced in 2007 they were in English only, but within two years they had been translated into the ten most spoken languages across the world.

Now thanks to the work of the Manx Language Team these great stories are available spoken in Manx, with English and Manx subtitles too.

The 4-DVD complete series set retails at £20 and features has nearly 5½ hours of superb animated action adventure. It also includes the Friends and Heroes theme song Looking for a Hero sung in Manx by Christy DeHaven.

Also on the DVD is short video produced by MHF entitled From St Patrick to the Bunscoill: the story of a cartoon.